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Teenpreneur Pledge

    Hey, my entrepreneurial babies. I'm excited that you're excited about becoming an entrepreneur. Before we start, let me make something clear.

    I'm not your run of the mill business coach. Those offering online course will take your money, no questions asked. I'm not here to take your money, I'm here to make you money. Based on that reason not everyone is accepted. My time is valuable and so is yours.

    Be warned, there are levels to my crazy that I need to prepare you for.

  • I am not your mother and I will not tolerate your nonsense.

  • This is my course and your mom can't make me take you

  • I will call your parents if you waste their money and my time.

  • I don't care if you're an A-student. I do care if you're respectful.

  • I love you but I will fire you from my course. Ask my daughter.