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Getting like/follows on social media shouldn't cause you anxiety.

I coach you on how to socialize effectively.

Gain Clarity

Find Your Voice

Develop Consistency

Do you struggle with...

  • knowing which social platform is best

  • increasing your reach

  • aligning social media strategies 

  • building brand awareness

  • understanding social media marketing

  • using your analytics to grow

Get social the right way

What you bring to the table has to hold value or there is no reason for your intended market to stick around

Are you in a dead end market or is your industry still doing something to change how to bring something new to the game.

Stop worrying about how to sell to your target market and concentrate on how you market to them




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Converse And Be Social (pdf)

Converse And Be Social (pdf)


You Always Need



A guidebook for new entrepreneurs who want to learn how to start a business with the basics of

social media marketing.

Learn what it takes to be social even if you don't have the time to sit down with me.

This is the guidebook I use to walk all my clients through the basics of social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing is a must

Who Are You Socializing With & Where

After building a solid brand and identifying your target marketyou need to use your social skills to build relationships. No one wants to be sold anymore. We live in an age where people want to feel connected even if the connection is virtual. Social media gives you the ability to make that connection.


As an entrepreneur who wants to grow their business you have to go where your prospects are. This means you have to use the right social media platform to reach your audience. What good is instagram doing you if your audience is still on facebook.


Just because you're tech savvy and have a great command of various social apps your audience may not. And even if they do which one do they use when they're looking to spend money.


As a small business owner, using your social media platforms to grow your business requires times, patience and analytic understanding. Social media marketing is effective when used the right way.

Benefits of social media marketing include:

  • opportunity for audience engagement

  • increased brand awareness

  • improved search engine rankings

  • learning how your competition is meeting demand


As an entrepreneur, you need to know who you're working with, what they expect from you and how best to relate to them. Your audience is waiting to connect and get social with you.


Are you ready to learn how the right social media marketing can benefit your small business startup?

Are you ready to build relationships with ideal prospects for your small business startup?

Are you ready to learn how social media marketing can increase brand awareness for your small business start up?

Are you ready to stop chasing sales and start building relationships?


Five 1.5 hr private sessions

Converse And Be Social Guidebook

Godly Entrepreneur Marketing & Auditing Planner

Quarterly Check-in (2 total)

30 mins each

Access to bi-weekly Q&A

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