What I Do

As if being a freakin' awesome


wasn't enough!

I recognize the struggle

  • copying someone else's price because you don't want to scare away customers

  • afraid to reprimand your employees because you need them to show up tomorrow

  • shopping for just enough product to make it through the day because that's all the money you have

  • adding to your menu because they always show up with a friend who wants what you don't have

  • afraid to take a day off because your employees may give slack off

  • wondering why you have empty seats because everyone raves about your food

Cafe Window

My Services


Private Consulting

If you're the type of person who doesn't want to share space while you get answers to your burning questions. I'm down with that. I'm all yours. I will partner with you to develop your brand strategy, help you find your tribe and start your social media marketing journey.



Brand Audits

Not sure if you need a brand partner? Let's do a brand audit to to be sure. An internal audit looks at the foundation of your culture. An external audit looks at what you show the world. An audit will help you fill any brand gaps are causing you lost revenue.

$299 & up


Quickbooks Set Up

If you can't talk numbers, then you are failing your business. A wise man once told me, the dollars are in the cents. Keeping up with your finances is a must. So let's get it together.

$299 & up


Group Coaching

If you're the type of person who draws creative energy from being in the room with like minded folx, then group coaching is where you can do the damn thing. I will talk you through the steps you need to develop your brand strategy, find our tribe and set up your social media.



Brand Intensives

Do you have that ONE thing that you can't seem to get right with your brand? Maybe your message is off. Maybe you have no identity. Maybe you don't know how to position yourself in the industry. Whatever the problem may be, let's make it out bitch, You ready?



Square POS Set Up

I love Square POS. You're able to capture phone numbers and emails. You can send out coupons and create loyalty rewards. There are so many features, it's a must.

$299 & up

How I Do What I Do

I want to meet you where you are.

Whether it's showing you where the leaks are or helping you plan your takeover, I want to be on YOUR team.

Branding is your super power

Who Are You & What Are You About

As a retailer, writer and former restaurant owner I know the struggle is real. Add that we're living in an age when folks want to be up close and personal. They want to know what you do in the off hours. It's a game of I'll show you mine (my money), if you show me yours. Getting your tribe to the ride or die stage is a branding issue not a personal one.


You rebelled against the status quo when you decided you could do it better than the rest of us. If you didn't believe that you would keep yo job. If you want a kick ass restaurant, put branding first, not last. If you don't brand your new business, the right folks won't find you and the rest will nickel and dime you. Your brand is...


a calling card to get them in the door

a voice when words aren't enough

a perception of what you're about

a level of expectation you have to live up to

Yeah, you can cook. SO WHAT! The question is, can you brand?

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