CKO stands for character, kinship and originality which is what we strive for when developing authentic brands or re-brands for our clients. We're about bringing the flavor that is your personality to the brand experience. Branding with personality creates a user experience that not only attracts the right customers but the right staff. 


To Get Your Restaurant Branded

Branding is your super power

Who Are You & What Are You About

As a retailer, writer and former restaurant owner I know the struggle is real. Add that we're living in an age when folks want to be up close and personal. They want to know what you do in the off hours. It's a game of I'll show you mine (my money), if you show me yours. Getting your tribe to the ride or die stage is a branding issue not a personal one.


You rebelled against the status quo when you decided you could do it better than the rest of us. If you didn't believe that you would keep yo job. If you want a kick ass restaurant, put branding first, not last. If you don't brand your new business, the right folks won't find you and the rest will nickel and dime you. Your brand is...


a calling card to get them in the door

a voice when words aren't enough

a perception of what you're about

a level of expectation you have to live up to

Yeah, you can cook. SO WHAT! The question is, can you brand?

Phyllis consistently challenges me to think outside the box. Her uniquely straightforward style of coaching helps me to continually develop complete thought processes that allow me to push the boundaries on doing what works best for my brand development.

Traci Anderson, Founder A Local Basket