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is not an official title.

Getting Your Who To Match Your Do

Do you struggle with...

  • feeling like you have to be someone else to succeed

  • not believing your own hype

  • feeling like you have to chase down clients/customers

  • developing a consistent vibe for your business

  • feeling like everyone is doing it better than you

  • building a true tribe

Why branding is important for new businesses

Who Are You & What Are You About

As a retailer, writer and former restaurant owner I understand the challenges of striking out on your own. It doesn't seem to help that we live in a time when folks want to be all up in your business, literally and figuratively. They want to know that they can relate to you on a real level. You have to show them that you can break them out of whatever prison is holding them and their dollars captive. You want a tribe that is ride or die for your brand. Why do you think every wannabe bad ass wants a Harley? Harley convinced them they are a bad ass with their bikes.


You rebelled against the status quo when you decided you could do it better or at least different. If you wanted to follow the rules you would get a job. A brand speaks volumes even when you don't open your mouth. You want to know how to start a business (become an entrepreneur)? Put branding first, not last. If you don't brand your new business, the right folks won't find your business and they definitely won't believe in your business. Your brand is...


a calling card to get in the door

a voice when words aren't enough

a perception of what you're about

a level of expectation

Having a gift, talent or ability that can be monetized is a side hustle at best. At worst, it's an unrealized regret. Building a brand that attracts is like printing money.

Wooden Spoon

How I Do What I Do

I want to meet you where you are in your branding journey.

Whether it's showing you where the leaks are or helping you plan your takeover, I want to be on your team.

Brand Audit

Find out if your brand is living up to your expectations. Take a look at the three main areas of your brand and where they are missing the mark. Find any brand inconsistencies.

  • Internal Branding

  • External Branding

  • Customer Experience

Brand Consulting

As an entrepreneur I understand wanting to fix your own problems. Unless branding is your talent you're going to need some help. Whether you identified the problem yourself or went through a brand audit, you need a solution. Give yourself once less thing to worry about.

Brand Coaching

You don't know where to begin with your brand. You have ideas but no clear plan. Coaching will help you in the areas of...

  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand Attributes

  • Brand Marketing & more

Brand Strategy

Using your brand arsenal effectively requires strategy. You need to know yourself, your market and your audience for it to leave a mark. Armed with this information you will identify your why, who it's for and how you'll get it done.

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