Develop Your Authentic Brand Guidebook (pdf)

Develop Your Authentic Brand Guidebook (pdf)


This guidebook is created to help Gen Xers with gifts, talents and side hustles who want to know to start a business and build an authentic brand that lets you be you. That's right! Show 'em what chu workin' with.


Creating an authentic brand for you and your business allows you to bring your full self to your business. Authentic branding is not about being who your customer wants you to be. It's about being yourself and making it marketable.


Breakdown the beast that is branding beginning with a brand assessment. You will get tools to help you write and relay your brand story. And no brand is complete without a signature colors that have a message of their own. This book will guide you to discover your...

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Position
  • Personal Brand
  • Business Brand


No complicated formulas or long drawn out strategies that bore you. All you need is an honest conversation with yourself and a willingness to flaunt your gifts.

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