Wannabe 6-Figure Entrepreneur With A $2 Mentality

You want it bad and that's not good. By it I mean a six-figure business model that will grow to seven. The reason it's bad is because you're operating with a $2 mentality.

You want success to be cheap and easy when the truth is it's anything but. The entrepreneurial price you neglect to pay is time, patience and passion for what you're trying to turn into a six-figure income.

“Knowledge without action is meaningless.”

- Abu Bakr

I confess I've been guilty of this myself. I wanted a quick return on my investment in a course or training. I didn't want to take the time to work the process. I also admit patience is not my strong suit (per my low and slow barbecue husband).

We currently live in a time where people are selling or producing ANYTHING they think someone will buy in order for them to make money. It's like trying to sell a happy meal for more than it's worth. You offer nothing of value and package it cheaply.

Then you decide to "invest" money into a program on how to create a six-figure business. It doesn't matter if you got it for cheap or paid an arm and a leg. It amounts to a $2 education because you know what it takes to do what you do, but you want to skip the part of time and patience that comes with being a successful entrepreneur. And you certainly don't have the PASSION.

I know it doesn't help that you want to believe the sales pitch of the six-figure dream. Hell I want to believe it too. However, the other elephant in the room you try to ignore is that you have to have something other people want to buy or be passionate about the product or service you're offering. You think because someone else is successful at selling their product or service, you can be too. Here's a little secret, money may be a motive to succeed but what is the driving force behind it?

Faith without works is dead

- James 2:14-26

The reason they can sell you the dream is because a force greater than money is driving them even if the force is to never be poor. They don't settle for the $2 mentality. They are selling you their passion to succeed. Without it you'll forever linger on the fringes of operating a side-hustle or making some extra change.

If you truly want what they have; if you truly want to be that successful entrepreneur, give up the $2 mentality.


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Phyllis Williams-Strawder is a Certified Business Coach, published author, and 20+ year veteran entrepreneur. In addition to CKO Creator, she is the hybrid publisher for Espresso Mischief, the creator of Spresso Mischief Designs, and co-host of the Chasing Dollars Making Sense podcast.

Phyllis' published works include That Damn Girl Stuff: A Mother's Truth and Far From the Tree. Some of the books she published for others are, SPICE: The Variety of Life, written by her husband, Morgan Mischief, written by her daughter, Song of Solo, written by Cybill Aros-Pearson, and Book of John, written by John Pye.

Phyllis has a degree in business with an emphasis in personal finance. She is an alum of Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Executive Program as well as the Leadership Long Beach Institute. She is a former member of the Long Beach City College Culinary Advisory Board and a certified bbq judge.

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