No ​You Can Not Spend The Night

Mommy can I spend the night with my friend?

No Morgan, you may not.

Even if her mom says it's okay?

She's not going to say okay because you're not asking.

But it's Friday.

I understand that sweetheart but the answer is no. Please don't look sad and don't be angry because I'm not trying to be mean. Let me explain before you get all pouty. Your home dynamic or situation is different than most. Not only are you an ONLY child but you're an only child that is homeschooled by parents that have their own business. This means your life isn't as tightly structured as your friends. Most parents get off work and want to go home and get comfortable. You can't always do that with someone elses kid in the house.

What if I promise not to bother them?

You're a kid, we're parents, trust me you all get on our nerves. It's our parental perrogative. But back to what I was saying. When folks go home after work they know how to handle their kids and their kids can kind of pick up on what kind of mood their parent is in. They're also not an only child so sometimes adding an extra kid to the mix makes no difference and other times it's just one too many. It's hard on you being and only child and I get that, but baby you can't just ask to go over folks house last minute. Parents have to get in the right frame of mind to have another kid that they feel they have to be nice to.

You're not nice when my friends come over.

You're lucky I know what you mean otherwise my feelings might be hurt. I'm of the mind that any kid that hangs out with you is now my child and I will treat them the same way I treat you from butt whooping to ice cream. The parents that allow their kids to keep company with you know that. Thankfully all my extra babies know not to go too far.

I also have no problem with you having sleepovers but our house is cluttered and crazy. Your dad and I are sorely lacking in the domestic capacity and sadly we have passed that on to you. I've tried to motivate us all to clean so that you can have company but that's not working for any of us either. I try to explain the same thing to you when you go around asking folks can you come over after church. So the question is how do we handle it?

I'm gonna get up early tomorrow and starting cleaning up my stuff.

Morgan, you've been making that promise for how many months now, and I've still let you sneak in a few sleepovers. We need a better plan than that.

Still waiting on the maid y'all.

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