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Finding your target market shouldn't feel like the end of the world.

I coach you on how to zero in so that you can build your tribe.

Gain Clarity

Find Your Voice

Develop Consistency

Do you struggle with...

  • closing the deal on a sale

  • marketing with no results

  • not knowing who is your ideal customer 

  • do you know your targets pain points

  • thinking you can sell to everyone

  • not knowing what gains to offer

Target A Market YOU Can Relate Too

What you bring to the table has to hold value or there is no reason for your intended market to stick around

Knowing the trends happening in your industry can make the difference in you being a trendsetter or behind the trend.

Stop worrying about how to sell to your target market and concentrate on how you market to them

Value Proposition

Market Trends

Marketing Strategies

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Target The Right Market Guidebook (pdf)

Target The Right Market Guidebook (pdf)


You Always Need



A guidebook for new entrepreneurs who want to learn how to start a business with the right

target market.

Learn what it takes to build a tribe even if you don't have the time to sit down with me.

This is the guidebook I use to walk all my clients through market research for their ideal market.

Paperback available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble & Google Books

Market research for small businesses is key

Who Is In Your Target Market

Building a solid authentic brand is nothing if you don't know who is the target market for your small business startup. Unless you're an entrepreneur with deep pockets you need to put time into market research. You need to point your brand in the right direction or your marketing ROI will be disappointing.


Wanting to sell to anyone who is willing to buy is a broke business strategy that works for no one. You created your product or service with someone specific in mind. If you're lumping everyone else into your market then your ideal prospect will find it hard to believe you're in it for them.

Benefits of market research include:


  • spotting emerging trends in your market

  • allow you to create a solid marketing strategy

  • helps you focus on customer pain points

  • learning how your competition is meeting demand


As an entrepreneur, you need to know who you're working with and what they expect from you. There are pain points that your target market needs addressed.


People will know where you're coming only if you know who you're talking to. Market segmentation is a starting point for narrowing your target market. At the end of the day you need to be armed with data that help you use your marketing assets for the best return possible.


Are you ready to learn how market research can benefit your small business?

Are you ready to find the ideal prospect for your small business startup?

Are you to learn how to do market research for your small business start up?

Are you ready to stop chasing sales and start building relationships?


Five 1.5 hr private sessions

Target The right Market Guidebook

Godly Entrepreneur Marketing & Auditing Planner

Quarterly Check-in (2 total)

30 mins each

Access to bi-weekly Q&A

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