Foster Black Biz

A program focused on coaching black foster teens on starting a business using their gifts, talents and abilities. I believe given the opportunity and guidance they will leave foster care with purpose and a means to support themselves.

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A 3-month program created to turn foster kids into a Chief Kid Officer.

They will learn what it takes to monetize their gifts, talents and abilities before they age out of the system.


CKO Creator was originally a coaching program to help kids learn the basics to start their business. CKO stood for Chief Kid Officer. A title my daughter earned at 10.


As I was learning and networking to grow the Bigmista brand, I taught her and gave her opportunities to practice what she learned.


Morgan also wrote and published her first book when she was 10. Now at 13 she's a 3x author

Engage Module

Jedi mind trick - Entrepreneurial Mindset

Taggin' To Get Paid - Branding

Keepin' It Real - Creating Company Culture

Keepin' It 100 - Business Legalities

Morgan traveled with me when I started speaking at high schools through the Youth Business Alliance program. When she decided to try public speaking I gave her 5 minutes. After that she became a regular

After one of her segments I addressed a young boy because he looked kind of sad. He responded by telling me he felt worthless because he hadn't done as much as a 10 year old.

That's when I decided to use my newly acquired coaching certification to coach kids into entrepreneurship.


Employ Module

Get Bank Rolled - Secure Financing

Turn It Up - Launch Your Business

Roll Like A Baller - Understand Metrics & Financials

The problem with my plans was that kids can't pay and I couldn't get enough parents to see the benefit. The other problem was that I wasn't reaching the kids I wanted to help.​

That's when I made the pivot from kids to adults. The desire to help kids, however, never left me.​ Then for some reason foster kids began to weigh on my heart.

I have no direct connection that I know of to anyone in foster care youth, but I know that's where I'm needed. I thought I would do this by creating a non-profit but I squashed that idea (more paperwork and tax forms).

Empower Module

Bring It On - Growth Strategy

Peace Out - Exit Strategy

I plan to do this on my dime and my time, but I wouldn't say no to a cup of coffee every now and then. Did you see all those coffee cups on the way down? Well, here's the deal.

If you're a small independent business, you understand if I don't work, I don't get paid. I don't ever want to not help a kid because I couldn't afford the time commitment.


So here is my ask. Help a sista out with an occasional cup of coffee. I promise Starbucks, Dunkin or any of the rest of em won't miss it. If they do, those are some bean countin' motha...


I plan to put this program in effect summer 2021. I know my level of commitment to make this happen. Hopefully you have $5 faith in me too. That's all.

If you can't spare $5 then spare a prayer. I take those too.

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