Develop & launch Your Hot Brand

authentically & boldly

Drop it likes it's HOT, your brand that is. I see your hotness. And you know hot things always leave a mark.

What if no one shows up for my grand opening?

How much should I charge for my services?

How do I get on the Food Network?

Do you know all of these questions are related to how you brand yourself and your business?

There are people right now who will pay you what you're worth -

because what makes you hot is what makes you a bad ass in the industry.

It's your time to develop a HOT BRAND. It's your time to drop it like it's hot. Get the level up you deserve. BECAUSE YOU'RE READY NOW!

I'm inviting you to work with me. I can help you uncover your unique voice and create your brand so that you can boldly make the money you deserve.

It's an amazing feeling when you SAY you'll do something and actually DO it! I've inviting you to enroll in Develop Your Authentic Brand and set the table for how you want to show up for your next customer and/or client.

Do you know what it feels like to SAY, "I got the customer of my dreams."

Do you know what it feels like to not second guess your pricing?

This is us in 2009 in our little 10x10 tent selling at the Atwater Village Farmers Market before we knew we were a brand.


Yes, I agreed to my husband to quitting his job as an investment banker to hustle barbecue for a living during a recession. We also had a two year old and a mortgage.

I didn't take us seriously until Jonathan Gold showed up at our tent. Y'all may be how I was. "Who the hell is Jonathan Gold?" Jonathan was a Pulitzer Prize winning food critic.


If Bigmista could scrounge together a lunch this splendid from scrapings and bin-leavings, I can only marvel at the possibilities afforded by the food he actually means to sell.

Jonathan Gold, LA Weekly

What if you created a brand that allowed you to be your authentic self?

What if you knew "everyone" wasn't going to like you?

Are you ready to stop the "what if" of it all and drop it like it's HOT?​

Here's the breakdown:

Week 1

Goal Setting

Week 2

Develop Your Brand Image

Week 3

Develop Your Brand Position

Week 4

Develop Your Personal Brand

Week 5

Develop Your Business Brand

BONUS Week 6

Implement Your Brand Archetype



One-on-One Pricing


Guidebook and marketing planner included along with catering contract template.

Payment plans available