From Babies To Bosses

Are You Trying To Parent While Bossing?

I did. That's why my daughter became Director In Charge of Shredding at 4.

Having a home office is convenient for doing business in your pajamas, however, having babies and a business can make you bat sh*t crazy or is that just me?

I've been a CPO for the past eight years and it doesn't get any easier. I've gone from an excited little

girl who wanted to help mom in the office to a pre-teen who is on the cusp of teenage crazy. Nevertheless as the boss I'm winning.

Since becoming a CPO my daughter's career has consisted of cashier in our restaurant, Chief Kid Officer in our corporation, a 3x published author and she's done some public speaking at high schools. Now she's studying art so she can illustrate her next book.

Oh, and did I mention she started her investment fund when she was 9?

BTW, CPO stands for Chief Parental Officer. It is an entrepreneurial parent who employs their kid and grooms them to become an entrepreneur as well as keep them occupied so you can get some work done.

Let's turn your baby into a boss - I gotchu!

Module 1


Module 2


Module 3


Cost: $129/module

Module 1/3 Sessions - Engage

This module covers the financial benefits of hiring your child and the 6 key areas of engagement to help keep you both sane.

Module 2/3 Sessions - Employ

This modules helps discover your child's gifts and talents to see how they can be useful in your business, the interview process and actual hiring which includes templates for their hiring packet.

Module 3/3 Sessions - Empower

This module focuses on goal setting, boundaries, and responsibilities and accountability. It also covers financial practices that establish your child's financial future.


This training is great for the stay at home parent who wants to start a business with their kid