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Are You Ready To Train For A Fight?

I'm always down for a fight... when I'm fighting for the right reason. You're the right reason

There were so many mistakes I made when I turned my husbands love of cooking into a business.

First off I didn't see it as a business, we were making a little change doing something he loved.


MISTAKE 1: It was a business from the very beginning, not making change

As our business grew I was getting advice left, right and sideways. People who didn't have a business were telling me how to run mine and they wanted to eat for free.

MISTAKE 2: Taking advice from the wrong people and giving away my profits

By the time I had gotten a handle on all the things I needed to know to run a successful business I had burned myself out and didn't want to play anymore.

MISTAKE 1: Not getting help because I thought I couldn't afford it

If you don't want this to be you, throw your hands up and let's do this - I gotchu!

Module 1


Module 2


Module 3


Cost: $199/module

Module 1/4 Keys - ENGAGED

Engagement is about commitment so here is where we uncover your commitment to your company.This four-week module covers developing an entrepreneurial mindset, branding, company culture, and business legalities.

  • Jedi Mind Trick - Put Cha Name On It - Keepin' It Real - Keepin' It 100

Module 2/3 Keys - EMPOWERED

When you're empowered you're confident and self-assured. Financial literacy as it relates to your business is powerful. This four-week module covers financing your business, launching it, and understanding your financials and metrics.

  • Bankroll - Turnt Up - Baller Moves

Module 3/2 Keys - ENTREPRENEUR

As an entrepreneur you should reap the rewards of your risk. Most entrepreneurs who fall into business and have to claw their way to the top and dig their way out due to poor planning. This four-week module wraps up your training with a growth and exit strategies.

  • Bring It On - Peace Out


This training is great for homeschooled teens who plan to be entrepreneurs

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