Get a Branded AF Check Up on your brand identity, brand ego® and brand image.

Leverage Your Brand. Don't Be Your Brand.

"And let me tell you that I am so amazed by your skills, you made me feel like you really listened to me, and offered good solutions. I can even see it by my notes how I felt. :)"

- Giorgia Molinari, Strategist & Designer

A Branded AF Check Up is how you find out the strength of your existing brand and the possibilities of its future. 

Yes, you need a check up every now and then. It don't have to be on a schedule. It just has to be objectively..

If you have to ask how to increase sales, then you are definitely in need of a check up.

Fa real, fa real!

You don’t know why you’re losing money or why you aren’t converting.

Like so many entrepreneurs before you, you started a business without a brand strategy. You got all your shit to look pretty but you never established a Brand Identity that feeds the Brand Ego® so that it projects a confident Brand Image.


That’s reeking havoc with your money.

Branded AF Check Up is a way to get a look at your brand from outside the bottle.

The Quick & Dirty

If you are constantly asking why something isn't working, then a brand audit is in order.

Just like everything else in life, a brand can mature and become irrelevant. You may not notice it because you're just doing your thang. 

What you do notice is that your sales are dwindling and the world has moved on without you. You didn't know your industry was dying. You don't know how to pivot your brand without losing your existing audience.

A check up will help you see if you're on point with why you're doing this. It will uncover where you fit in the landscape of your industry. It will show if your message is consistent and aligned with what you offer.


Having someone help you see the blind spots is not a sign of weakness. It's the sign of a leader. Knowing when, who and how to ask for help puts you in a better position.

Brick Wall
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A brand can outlive a person.

Branded AF Check Up is not about tell'n you how to run your business.

The Nitty Gritty

You have to be open to hearing some hard truths about your brand. If you're not ready for that then you will watch as your business continues to spiral downward.


A brand check will give you insights on how to clean up your brand. It will help you take action on how to stick out from the competition and get seen by the available target market.

A brand check up has a turn around time of 7-10 days depending on the amount of research needed. Your assessment of where you are sets the baseline for the check up. The feedback and insights provided will show what your future could look like.

This brand check up will provide you with insights to actionable steps to better your brand.

Connecting Outdoors
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A brand can speak without words.

Everything you need to take action on improving your brand.

The Get Down

Learn where to fix your brand so you can stop leaving money on the table. Get an objective comparison of what you think about your brand vs. what you're projecting.


You gain insight on positioning your brand to get noticed by the available target market (ATM) requires. This requires a look at your fam, frenemies and fame. It's what you would call your audience, competition and distinctiveness.

You will also gain insight on your messaging to see how you relate to the ATM. It's not just the tone but a special language between you and your audience.


You will get actionable next steps to take control of your brand. Don't keep twisting in the wind focusing on sales. Take control of your brand and get the money you deserve.


This Branded AF Checkup is an objective look at what your brand is and what you think it is. As your business matures your brand needs to accommodate that maturity. If it does not then your business and brand begin to grow apart and it can effect your revenue.


Before you start handing out coupons and doing giveaways. Check ya brand game and see if its do'n what it's suppose to.


It doesn't matter if you're an introvert, have self-doubt, afraid to charge your worth, or don't know how to talk to the right clients. The Branded AF Checkup is for you.

It's rooted in authenticity, boldness and hard truths. It works best for folx who have been in business a couple of years and wanna know how to do better.

Our industry favorites are...

  • Coaches

  • Strategist

  • Consultants

  • Small Business Owners

  • Foodpreneurs (caterers, restaurant owners, other food retailers)

Brand Strategy is a plan that shows how to hang with fam, recognize frenemies and be famous for your greatness.

It's about Brand Ego® and having a brand you can live with

Branding is challenging work, even for those who know what they want from their brand. It takes iteration and work. As the founder of your company you have better things to do than struggle with a mediocre brand.


You might think you're doing alright with the brand you have. If that's true, riddle me this. Do you spend more time working in your business or working on your business?


It's not just a the brand. It's the brand strategy that frees you to work less and charge more.

Having a brand you can live with takes into account your life, brand and business so you don't have to

code-switch in your entrepreneurship.

With a brand you'll cultivate brand awareness, brand recognition and brand equity.

Brand Awareness...

reaches an emotional level where the audience is able to recall specific information about your company.

Brand Recognition...

provides the audience with visual and auditory cues of your product or service without an emotional tie.

Brand Equity...

increases as audience value perception increases.

That's a long ass way of saying your audience will know your brand, recognize it and value it.

Regina Louise B&W.jpg

I love the collateral Phyllis created and I’m beyond excited when I think of the resources I now have (externally & most importantly internally), to move forward with my new business ideas/plans.

Regina Louise, Author - Speaker - Public Figure

If you answer yes to any of the questions, the answer is yes you need a checkup

  • Do you know your brands strengths and weaknesses?

  • Did you neglect to develop a brand strategy?

  • Does your brand lack impact?

  • Has your business model changed?

  • Does your brand no longer represent you in the best light?

There are other tale tale signs all up and through that you need a checkup. The best indicator is what you know to be true about your brands effectiveness.

Shitty sales of a great product or service could come from poor messaging, poor positioning or overall poor brand strategy.

Maybe your brand has matured and no longer hits folx the way it used to.

They're chase'n the latest hotness because you still trying to pull off the old and stale.

That says you're try'n to make new money with an old weak game.

A brand checkup helps you stress less.

It looks at your frenemies (competition) to see how you stack up.

It looks at your fam (audience) to see who and how you're relating.

It looks at your fame (distinction) to see if you're being basic.




Get up close and personal with your brand strategy by filling in the gaps.

  • Insights & best strategic approach for brand foundation

  • Insights & best strategic approach for brand positioning

  • Insights & best strategic approach for brand messaging

  • Insights & best strategic approach for brand persona

  • Insights & best strategic approach for brand storytelling

  • Prelim to full brand strategy

  • Live video presentation

  • Ebook Roadmap for guidance

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