most books available in paperback via Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, etc.


If you're the DIY type who doesn't want to take an online course then these guidebooks are what you need. They contain all the information you need to build a brand from front to back. They come in PDF and EPUB format. You can also purchase the paperback version via Amazon. Just click the logo up in the right hand corner.

 Marketing Planner

I want to change the name of this planner but ISBN's are expensive so it is what it is until a later date. This planner helps you create your marketing plan and track your results over a 3-month period. You start with setting monthly goals, then you're able to break that month into weeks and those weeks into days. You lay out what assets you'll use, your position, etc. And yes, there are scriptures every Sunday to keep you motivated.

Godly Entrepreneur Marketing & Audit Planner

Godly Entrepreneur Marketing & Audit Planner



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10 Keys To Leaving A Mark

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