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Creating an authentic brand that represents should not feel fake.

I coach you to understand your best self and translate it so that

you represent well.

Gain Clarity

Find Your Voice

Develop Consistency

Do you struggle with...

  • feeling like you have to be someone else to succeed

  • not believing your own hype

  • feeling like you have to chase down clients/customers

  • developing a consistent vibe for your business

  • feeling like everyone is doing it better than you

  • building a true tribe

Build A Brand YOU Can Relate Too

People want to know what you're about. They want to believe you're a person of substance

To have a vision is plan to level up. Your vision helps feed your purpose and fulfill your mission of change.

Your mission is your constant goal achievement. Every time you serve your purpose or vision it's your mission.




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Develop Your Authentic Brand Guidebook (pdf)

Develop Your Authentic Brand Guidebook (pdf)


Don't Be Afraid



This guidebook is created for new entrepreneurs who want to learn how to start a business with an

authentic brand.

Learn what it takes to build a brand even if you don't have the time to sit down with me.

This is the guidebook I use to walk all my clients through building an authentic brand.

Paperback available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble & Google Books

Why branding is important for new businesses

Who Are You & What Are You About

People who want to know how to start a business (become entrepreneurs) seldom put their brand first. Your brand serves multiple functions. A brand speaks volumes even when you're not the one speaking. If you don't know how to brand your new business how will your target market distinguish you from the crowd. Your brand is...


  • a calling card that gets you in the door

  • a voice when words won't do

  • a perception of what you're about

  • a level of expectation when you have their attention


Once you become an entrepreneur, you and your brand are almost inseparable so when you create an authentic brand, you're about keeping it real.  Branding a startup authentically will set the tone and pace of your business growth.


People will know where you're coming. If your brand identity (how you want to be perceived) and brand image (how you're actually perceived) don't find common ground your potential target market will know it.

Having a gift, talent or ability that can be monetized is a side hustle at best. At worst, it's an unrealized regret. Nevertheless when you step out on faith to build something with purpose that serves a purpose, you're on your way to building a brand that sells.

Authentic branding is challenging when you don't know where to draw the line of TMI.

  • Show Em' What Chu Works' With

    1 hr 30 min

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Are you ready to gain clarity about who you are as a brand?

Are you ready to find your brand voice and speak your truth?

Are you ready to consistently brand your best self?

Are you ready to stop chasing sales and start building relationships?


Five 1.5 hr private sessions

Authentic Brand Guidebook

Godly Entrepreneur Marketing & Auditing Planner

Quarterly Check-in (2 total)

30 mins each

Access to bi-weekly Q&A

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