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Journey to CKO Creator

     Phyllis Strawder has grown in many areas while becoming the CKO Creator. She is a business coach, public speaker, facilitator, and the author of That Damn Girl Stuff: A Mother's Truth. She has appeared on The Great Food Truck Race and Man Fire Food with her pitmaster husband.

     She studied business at East Los Angeles College and Personal Finance at Cal State Los Angeles. She is an alum of Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Executive Program. She is an alum of Leadership Long Beach Institute. She was a member of the Long Beach City College Culinary Advisory Board and a certified bbq judge.

     Still, she's a mom. Always has been. Even before her daughter and stepson came along. It was the epiphany of her mantra, "I don't like kids, but I have a heart for kids" that opened her eyes that it's part of her empathic nature. She believes in empowering and nurturing kids to be fearless but respectful.

     She now uses her skills, knowledge, and abilities to help others start businesses. She is the ultimate cheerleader for those who lose faith in themselves. Bringing her daughter into the business fueled her purpose for this. She helps others see their potential.

     As an entrepreneur, wife, and mom who homeschools her daughter, she felt pulled to the end of my rope. She had a hard time because she was trying to be all things all the time. The worst of it all was suffering from guilt as a parentalpreneur. Sharing the office with her daughter and constantly putting her on hold while I finished "one more thing." She decided to find a way to make it all work because work/life balance is bull.

     Figure it out she did. She put her daughter to work when she was four. Handling the business of Bigmista's Barbecue and staying married was it's own set of crazy. She educated herself in barbecue and business. However, after ten years she grew so much she told her husband she wanted to leave the business. She was ready to pursue her own thing. She became a certified empowerment life coach, but people still came to her for business advice.

     And advised she did. She loves the challenges of being an entrepreneur. She loves the idea of starting new businesses. What better way to use that love and mothering that helping grow babies to bosses.