Journey to CKO

     My daughter, Morgan Strawder, was the the original CKO (Chief Kid Officer) before I repurposed it as Chief Key Officer. It's a title she earned, it was not just given to her.

     She started in the family business at four as the Director in Charge of Shredding. It was my way of keeping her busy so I could get work done. Since she was in charge, she made decisions that suited how she wanted to work. She loved being the boss and had the business cards to prove it. As the family business grew, she started helping at farmers markets on the weekend.

      She earned her CKO title at the age of 10. Her parents talked business in front of her often; she couldn't help putting in her two cents. She knew kids, and that's where she focused. Her input garnered valuable ideas and plans that generated revenue for the family business. It was at that point that her parents offered her 10% of the company.

     When she returned to homeschool at age 8, her parents thought it a good idea to give her more business responsibility. When they opened their first restaurant, she didn't just help; they added her to the schedule and the payroll as a cashier. Once she got the hang of it, she was able to work without parental supervision.

     She was an actual part-time employee who had scheduled days and received a paycheck every Friday. In case you didn't know this is legal and financially beneficial to all concerned. Since she was employed we opened her retirement account. She purchased her first stock, Starbucks, in hopes of getting a discount on her frappuccinos. Later she chose EA for the Sims Game, Microsoft for Minecraft, and Nike for the shoes. We told her she has to buy her first duplex by 18 because she'll need a place to live and income.

     Later when I began speaking at high schools I took her with me. One day she decided she wanted to speak to the kids. The high school kids were amazed that she wasn't nervous and that she had accomplished so much by the age of 10.

     Her future plans are to be a world traveler. So far she's been to London, France, Mexico, and a few states. Next on her list is Tokyo because they have toilet shoes, great trains, and cool tech. She is a three time published author and is currently studying art so she can illustrate her next children's book.

     Even if she grows up and works for someone else she'll have a behind the scenes perspective and an entrepreneurial heart.