Getting butts in seatsraising prices

& you keeping your crew is my


Here to get stressed out restaurant owners

Let me apologize to the sensitive folks first.


Now let me tell all y'all somethin'. If the first words out your mouth about your brand are quality and customer service,

you don't know shit about your brand.

I said what I said and I started with an apology. If your feelings are still hurt, below is a freebie to help you get over it.


To Get Your Restaurant Branded

Don't BS Brand Authentically

Knowing the power of branding is what helped me take Bigmista from a food stand to a high six-figure brand.


Going from being in the kitchen all damn day to a day at the beach is no easy task when you have a restaurant to run. Then there's the part where you think you don't need any help to grow your business because you have a great recipe and folks rave about your food. Fact is they're all liars when they say you should open a restaurant. LIARS I TELL YOU!

If you don't have a brand to go with that recipe you may as well keep feeding your freeloading friends and family for free. If I'm not wrong give me three words to describe your brand and remember what I said in my apology. If you can't come up with three then answer these questions. What is your BRAND personality? Do you use push or pull customer engagement tactics? Do you price based on advice and competition or knowledge and confidence?

I don't mean to make you feel bad. I lie. Yes I do because I need you to get your shit together so you can make some money and take some time for yourself.

By now, some of you may be saying fuck her, while the rest are saying, she probably wants to sell me something that cost an arm and a leg. To those folks I say shut up because I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to my people who know they don't want to be a one trick pony or worse, a hole in the wall. I'm talking to my culinary bad asses who want to be BrandedAF.

As your brand coach we help you digest what's on your plate.
With branding coaching we offer as little or as much help as you think you need with things like brand substance, brand position, brand messaging, communication framework, etc.

As your brand consultant we serve it to you on a platter.
With brand consulting we offer audits or intensives. With the audit you will learn where you have brand gaps. With the intensive you get insights that creates a roadmap for growth.

As your brand strategist we serve up a full course meal.
With brand strategy you get it all whether is a new brand or a re-brand. Based on research and development and growth goals we create a brand that fits how you want to show up.

Building Bad Ass Authentic Brands

I don't cook on purpose so how ironic I should end up in the food industry. Although I had to venture into the kitchen on occasion (my mac & cheese is legendary) my primary duties were administrative. Turning Bigmista into a Bad Ass brand came with a lot of lessons..

But this is not about me. It's about you and your potential for greatness. It's about you overcoming the anxiety of failure and getting anxious about success. I don't want you to be like those other folks who take the long road and either give up their dream or struggle to make it happen.

Your brand is what makes you stand out from the pack, not your food. Your food may get them through the door maybe once or twice but it is that brand they show loyalty. They one time you mess up their burger they are on the hunt for another. You eat a burger but you stay loyal to a brand.