Hey Sweetheart, I'm your Ghetto Country Brandmother® and I'm here for the violence because...

You are not your


I said what I said 💁🏽‍♀️

That doesn't mean you can't Get Authentically Branded AF

That's a toxic statement for an introverted late bloom'n entrepreneur who knows nothing about brand strategy. You out in these business streets trying to be great. All the while you're struggling with imposter syndrome, stress, confusion & being broke.

Let me apologize to the sensitive folks first.

SORRY! not sorry

I'm not here to sell you sugar coated bullshit. I'm here for you to Get Authentically BRANDED AF (GAB AF) using brand strategy.


Brand Strategy is the ace up the sleeve no one told you about.



You stress'n with some version of imposter syndrome. You know how to do what you do, but you keep dim'n your shine because you feel fake AF.

You've been behind the scenes so long making someone else look good

you got comfortable back there.

All the while you're not getting the sells you want. You're not getting the social media

engagement you want. You're not getting results from your ads.

That's because now that it's your turn to blow up, you're questioning your greatness.


A hard truth is that everybody is not meant to be an entrepreneur.

If you are though, then fight me for it. I'm rootin' for you. That's what a

Ghetto Country Brandmother® does.

I'm also rootin' for you to brand early and brand hard.


You keep asking the same dumb ass question. It's dumb because you want to put the cart before the horse.

You running around snatching colors, buzzwords and bullshit and call it a brand.

That's some shit you threw together or wasted money on because you wanna make money now.


You're allowing yourself to be branded by the outside world instead of controlling the narrative. That's where the FAKE AF comes in.

You do'n shit that is not aligned with who you are or how you get down for the sake of a dollar. That's do'n ho shit and giving ho's a bad name.

That's why you ask'n all the fake money makers, "How do I increase sales?"

P.S. BIG DADDY told me to apologize for cussin' at y'all so hard. I apologize for the cuss words, not for what I said. And brandbaby® always remember your Ghetto Country Brandmother loves ya!

Brand Strategy Building

Building a brand takes time. It takes even longer when you don’t know how the pieces fit together. It’s all about soul, space and speak. 

Brand from your soul. This is all about your purpose, vision, mission and values. This defines your reputation and how you want to show up on all levels.


Your soul will make space for you. This is how you get in where you fit in. You uncover who is check’n for you. You know how they’re not being provided for.

Your space allows you to speak confidently, clearly and consistently. You know the words to use, the tone of voice, the intonation that resonates with your audience.

Untitled design-13.png


This is what I wanted from all those brand courses, challenges, workshops, and programs I took in the past. An authentic brand...that flows off your tongue like it flowed from my life and heart.

—  Ebony L. Green, Thought Leader in Authenticity

BrandStrategy is not just for the big dogs

Another thing you should know is that brand strategy can not be fixed through visual expression. Making your shit look pretty is equivalent to putting a band-aid on a stab wound. You're allowing people to make up their own mind about you instead of leading them in how to think about you.

But back to being a big dog. Yes, the big dogs create a brand and pimp it out through marketing. They are intentional about their shit. Why you think folx can still sing the Toys R' Us song? Why do you think folx line up for the latest Apple product? Why do you think nobody's checking for you?


Most new businesses start without a brand strategy. What they will do is announce to friends & family about the grand opening and post it on their social media pages where it gets lost in all the bullshit of their life. On the second day they're sitting around with their thumbs up their asses wondering where did everybody go. Oh baby, noooo!

Brand strategy allows you to build an audience before you even launch your product or service. Having a brand strategy will make sure that the right folx are check'n for you when you open. Brand strategy will help you hire, partner and collaborate with the right folx.

There's levels to this shit and if you started your business without a brand strategy, you starting in the basement. 

I know all this because I lived it

- Meet Phyllis, the Ghetto Country Brandmother®

struggled to market my business and make real money. Everytime I thought I was ready to step out, I would hide behind some perceived imperfection that needed to be tweaked. I knew my shit but I didn't believe others would see my value.

  • I would make one post and wonder why folx weren't flocking to me. 

  • Then I would spend $10-20 to boost it and be mad that money wasn't pouring in.

  • I gave away so much for free I felt like I was paying people to take my value.

All this shit made me doubt myself and feel depressed and I didn't know how to fix it.

You can blow up faster and easier when you separate your who from your do. Who the brand is what's marketable. How you do business is boring.



It's time for your business to
Get Authentically BrandedAF