You need a brand & brand building takes time.

 Branding is all about SOUL, SPACE & SPEAK. 

Brand from your soul. 

Use your soul to make space for you.

That space helps you speak confidently, clearly and consistently. 

REBEL against being a brand


Lead the rebellion of a brand. That's why you  broke free of the bullshit.

Change how you and your business are viewed. This is how you liberate your corner of the world.

No more okie doke. No more feeling powerless in a boring ass world.

Rebel like a LEADER

You out in these business streets trying to go along to get along.

All the while you're broke, busted & disgusted.

It's time for you to step up to being a BRAND LEADER. No more hustle, imposter syndrome, stress, confusion or fake'n the funk.


Image by Hennie Stander

I'm not here to sell you sugar coated bullshit to the weak branded.

 I'm here for the Brand Leaders who want to

Get Authentically BRANDEDAF.

Sweetheart, it's time to stop the FUCKERY!

You don't have to be loud to lead.

You don't have to make shit up to fit in.

You don't have to struggle with imposter syndrome every time you open your mouth.

Be the Brand Leader that shakes shit up and changes the industry your in.

No more anxiety about not getting the sells you want.

Don't boss up. Be a Leader.


What they said...

This is what I wanted from all those brand courses, challenges, workshops, and programs I took in the past. An authentic brand...that flows off your tongue like it flowed from my life and heart.

—  Ebony L. Green, Thought Leader in Authenticity

"Her uniquely straightforward style of coaching helps me to continually develop complete thought processes that allow me to push the boundaries on doing what works best for my brand development."

—  Traci Anderson, Founder & Creative Pairer


"Without her, I felt as if I was shooting blank bullets at an imaginary target. Now, I feel confident enough to move forward and effectively present my brand. BOOK HER NOW!!! You won't regret it."

—  Lawrence Carter, Jr, Children's Minister

I know all this because I lived it

- Meet Phyllis, the Ghetto Country Brandmother®

struggled to market and increase revenue when I became a certified business coach. Everytime I thought I was ready to step out of the shadows, I would retreat to the safety of being a tweaker.

You know those perceived imperfection that always need tweaking. I had no idea my brand game was holding me back. I knew my shit as a coach, but I didn't believe others would see my value.

  • I would make one post and wonder why folx weren't flocking to my greatness.

  • I would try to make money off of a $10-20 boosted ad and get depressed because it didnt produce a single sell.

  • I would give away coaching for free in hopes they would tell others what a great coach I was.

It wasn't until I got to the branding certification that the light bulb came on. I was 4 certifications into becoming a master coach when I embraced branding and never looked back.

With a brand you blow up faster and easier.
It's about separating your
who from your do.
Who the brand is what is marketable.
How you do business is tactical.



It's time for your business to
 Get Authentically BrandedAF 

Authentic Branding

Taking that thing you constantly try to hide and giving it power.

By giving it power others can't us it as a weapon against you.

Instead, use it as a weapon to Get Authentically Branded AF.