Listen to your Ghetto Country Brandmother





I'm here because you're my

brandbaby  and I want to

see you Get Authentically


not struggle with imposter syndrome, confusion & being broke.

Let me apologize to the sensitive folks first.

SORRY! not sorry

I'm not here to sell you sugar coated bullshit. I'm not that kinda mother.

I raise my brandbabies to GET YOU AUTHENTICALLY BRANDED AF.


How's it gonna look if your ass is blowin' in the wind because your brand ain't on point? That kinda nonsense has you lookin' suspect because you chasing money instead of letting money chase you.




People have you stress'n with imposter syndrome because they told you some mess that don't work'n for you. You know how to do the damn thang. The problem is you've been behind the scenes too long making everybody else look good and helping them make all the money.

Now you're questioning your greatness.



A hard truth brandbaby®, everybody is not meant to be an entrepreneur.

If you are, then fight me for it. I'm rootin' for you to win. That's what a

Ghetto Country Brandmother® does.

I'm also rootin' for you to brand early and brand hard.


You keep asking the same dumb ass question. I say it's dumb because you put the cart before the horse. You run out and grab colors, buzzwords and bullshit and call it a brand. That shit don't mean nothing to nobody but you.


You post pictures of you, your food and whatever other sideways crazy you got and mix it with your business vibe because some jackass has convinced you, "You are your brand."


You allowed yourself to be branded by the outside world instead of controlling the narrative. That's where the inauthentic part comes in.

You doin' shit that is not aligned with who you are or how you get down for the sake of a dollar. That's you doin' ho shit and giving ho's a bad name.

Oh, and the dumb ass question is, "How do I increase sales?"

P.S. BIG DADDY told me to apologize for cussin' at y'all so hard. I apologize for the cuss words, not for what I said. And brand baby always remember your Ghetto Country Brandmother loves ya!

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This is what I wanted from all those brand courses, challenges, workshops, and programs I took in the past. An authentic brand...that flows off your tongue like it flowed from my life and heart.

—  Ebony L. Green, Thought Leader in Authenticity

ways to get authentically Branded AF
brand strategy for real entrepreneurs

The Branded AF Master Class is 5-weeks and created for folx who want all the tea on how to show up as a brand.


You get a full understanding of the flaw in saying "I am my brand."

Stop walking around confused about what it means to


After this MASTER CLASS you'll have clarity about your WHY, WHO and WHAT so you can brand with discipline.

The Branded AF Audit is created to identify the chaos in your brand.


You get insights and recommendations on what you need to do to get your brand on point.


We research your audience & competition to find the clutter and confusion that has your brand leaking money.

After this BRAND AUDIT you will walk with a roadmap that allows you to take action.

The Branded AF Intensive is 12-weeks and created for folx who want to be hands on in developing their brand.


You get a live, done with you service that gets you up close and personal with your brand.

You get immediate feedback and assistance on your brand heart, brand position, brand expression and brand architecture.


After this BRAND INTENSIVE you will walk away with a brand strategy that delivers.

The Branded AF Strategy is for folx who want to be part of development but allow someone else to build it.


Brand strategy is you trusting that I know what the hell I'm doing and can provide solutions to your branding problems.

Combining your greatness with quantitative and qualitative research creates a brand strategy with character, kinship and originality.


BRAND STRATEGY is all that.

How Do I Increase Sales

That's a question asked by damn near every business owner with no brand.

Branding is not just for the big dogs in the industry.

You thought the sign out front would make folx show up.


Maybe you thought coupons and give aways would bring folx through the door.

Better yet, your friends and family would support you.

You may have learned the hard way, those are weak ass game plans. They also add to why you're struggling and feel like an imposter.

Take it from someone who knew nothing about the restaurant business.

I grew a $200/week farmers market stand into a brand that generated millions in revenue before I realized it was not my thing.

How long do you plan to do it the hard way?

Hey, Brandbaby


I’m a former restaurant owner and certified business coach turn Ghetto Country Brandmother. I mostly help my brandbabies in the restaurant industry who struggle with sales and loyalty. Together we cook up a hot strategy that attracts the right people from staff to customers.


It’s my mission to help you Get Authentically Branded AF so you stress less, earn more and holla at the right people.


Just know when we work together you get authenticity, candor and love.