Putting in work to

help BBQ folks

Get Authentically

I call it GAB AF and it means I help you brand so you stress less, earn more & holla at the right people.

Let me apologize to the sensitive folks first.


Now here's the hard truth.

If the first words out your mouth about your brand are quality and customer service,

you need to take several seats.

I said what I said.

If your feelings are hurt, below is a freebie to help you feel better.


To Get Your Restaurant Branded

How Do I Increase Restaurant Sales

That's a question asked by damn near every new restaurant owner with no brand.

You thought the sign out front would make folx show up.


Maybe you thought coupons would bring folx through the door.

Better yet, your friends and family would support you.

You may have learned the hard way, those are weak ass game plans. They also add to why so many restaurants either struggle or close on the regular.

Take it from someone who knew nothing about the restaurant business.

I grew a $200/week farmers market stand into a brand that generated millions in revenue before I realized it was not my thing.

How long do you plan to do it the hard way?


We walk you through every level of the branding process in this master class. You'll learn about brand substance, positioning, messaging It is designed to give you clarity and understanding of branding through the lens of your business.

Get an audit that lets you walk away with a strategic roadmap to better your brand. It's a deep dig into your audience, your competitors and your market landscape. You will walk away with a document that gives you clarity and the best direction for your brand 

Getting help or answers with specific brand problems is a click away. Consultations are private 1-on-1 sessions that provide analysis, solutions or general expertise. We'll help you think through brand challenges and make strategy-related brand decision.

You need more than answers. You need a strategy to get you authentically branded AF. We clarify how you want to show up as your brand. Then we use qualitative and quantitative analysis of your competition and customers to develop a brand strategy that improves your bottom line.


Hey, Sweetheart

I'm your ghetto country brand strategist

I was raised hood adjacent by a country momma (that's my mom on grandpa's lap). My ghetto country comes through in how I speak and be.

For you that means when we work together you get authenticity, candor and love.

As your brand strategist I take you from the roota to the toota of creating awareness to showing up consistently. I'm all about helping you uncover a bomb ass brand so you can drop it like it's hot on your target market.


Building Authentic Bad Ass Brands

What you know is that the restaurant industry is a bitch with bite. Banks won't give you money because the failure rate is 60% the first year and 80% within 5 years. Employee turnover is so bad that it hit 130.7% in 2020. Yet and still you're fighting the good fight. You're riding out the storm because you know you're the next culinary bad ass that's ready to take the world by storm.

I was where you are. I quit my nice paying job with benefits to become a foodpreneur with my husband. I knew nothing about running a food business and soon learned my business degree was of no use. I also didn't know where to go for help because I didn't know what kind of help I needed. Nevertheless, I took my piece meal education and grew a $200/week farmers market stand into a 3/4 MIL brand. I was headed for the $1M mark when I decided to close up shop and come help you.

I want to partner with you to beat the odds. I want to shorten your learning curve. I want you to stress less and earn more. Let's turn your spot into a bomb ass brand then drop it like it's hot. I want to see you Get Authentically Branded As FUCK because ain't no body got time for the foolishness of being like everyone else.