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If you operate in the food world as a

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I'm ready to help you drop a HOT BRAND that leaves a mark.

I know you're ready to drop it like it's hot

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10 Keys To Leaving A Mark


Humble Beginnings

We started Bigmista's Barbecue at a farmers market in Watts just before Thanksgiving. At that time I didn't know anything about growing a brand. I was just trying to help my husband do something he loved.


I never expected us to grow so quickly. When I finally took our business seriously things began to change. We were on many a BEST OF list and praised by Pulitzer Prize winning food critic Jonathan Gold.


We appeared on the Cooking Channel, Food Network & HGTV and recurring segments on Good Day LA.  We catered for celebrities & studio heads before opening our first restaurant. I've also published two food related books for my husband.


We closed up shop in 2018 yet we still get emails and request for our return and our products.



Phyllis consistently challenges me to think outside the box. Her uniquely straightforward style of coaching helps me to continually develop complete thought processes that allow me to push the boundaries on doing what works best for my brand development.

Traci Anderson, Founder

A Local Basket

Wilderness Mentality

Committed to Building Bad Ass  Authentic Brands

I don't cook on purpose so how ironic I should end up in the food industry. Although I had to venture into the kitchen on occasion (my mac & cheese is legendary) my primary duties were administrative. The more I educated myself the more I found my calling to become a business coach and brand strategist steeped in authenticity.

Staying true to who I am is SUPER important to me especially when I'm serving food. I have hand fed Adam Fogelson of STX Films pig candy. I've had Anthony Anderson serving food at a tasting event. I want to change the food industry and it's struggle of razor thin margins, high employee turnover and the under appreciation of not being fast food. I gave up the restaurant life in pursuit of this change. I'm intimate with being a new Restaurateur, Retailer and wRiter who doesn't realize the importance of brand building. Your food may be good but who's gonna know? Who's gonna keep you in business? Who's not gonna clutch their pearls at your pricing?

As a business coach I help you answer those questions and more. I'll help you with the heavy lifting and unpacking of who you are as a brand. As a strategist I help you create a plan that implements your brand for growth and targeting. I help entrepreneurs with the behind the scenes work of brand image. We get to the nitty gritty of your identity. 


Without her, I felt as if I was shooting blank bullets at an imaginary target. Now, I feel confident enough to move forward and effectively present my brand. ... Sessions are well thought out, and gives you pin point accuracy to achieve your vision for your brand.

Lawrence Carter, Jr., Founder

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